The Voice for Pennsylvania’s Life Sciences

Through advocacy work in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C., and throughout the Commonwealth, Life Sciences PA conducts programs, provides leadership and advocates for life science companies across Pennsylvania that are critical to improving patient care, improving health globally, and to the economic growth of our Commonwealth.

Life Sciences PA identifies opportunities to bring together the various stakeholders in our community to work cooperatively with industry to develop a shared vision, a set of goals, and recommendations for strategies that will support and enhance the total “ecosystem” of the life sciences in Pennsylvania.

Leading the Charge for Pennsylvania’s Life Sciences

State Policy

  • Expansion of House/Senate Life Science Caucuses
  • Participation in Harrisburg Advocacy Day
  • Educate Governor, legislators, and staff on life sciences issues
  • Host legislator roundtable briefings/hearings
  • Promote and facilitate member company and legislator interaction
  • Innovative public affairs/media relations approach
  • Coordinate coalition efforts with partner organizations

Federal Policy

  • Protect Medicare Parts B and D
  • Repeal Medical Device Tax
  • Protect 12-year data exclusivity period for biologics
  • Protect Orphan Drug Tax Credit
  • Increased NIH Funding


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