Workspace Conference – The Next Normal

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Life Sciences PA is proud to introduce the Workspace Conference  which will provide actionable tools for business leaders as we move into the Next Normal.

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Are you a business owner, leader, or someone who makes decisions that affect your organization’s employees? This conference is for you!
Returning to work involves everyone. Our speakers will provide actionable information for Directors and Managers of Business Operations, Human Resource Managers, Legal Officers and Risk Consultants, Heads of IT or Health and Safety, and even Accounting and Communications professionals.


Space and Timing:
Address the changing needs of offices and laboratories – should you be resizing to adhere to safety guidelines, downsizing because of increased employees working from home, or securing a larger space for social distancing? Learn how to prepare and plan for reopening, and how your physical workspace is affected.
Health, Safety and Communications:
Learn about the impact of COVID-19 mutations and variants, and how that affects plans to return to work. What policies should be in place for employee vaccine distribution? How can you manage employee mental and physical health issues both ethically and legally? Learn how to navigate unprecedented circumstances that rise from returning from work during a pandemic.
Financial, Legal and Risk Considerations:
Forecast the future of your financial and budget plans in the changing environment. When renegotiating workspaces, what do you need to know as a tenant? When planning for taxes and payroll, what implications must be taken into consideration? Learn what to expect within the economic outlook in 2021.


With networking in a virtual world being almost impossible, utilize the Workspace Conference Partnering System to set up one-on-one meetings with anyone attending the conference. This Partnering System will allow you to foster connections with other professionals, and will be open from April 9 – 16. Access to this system is included with registration, so don’t miss the opportunity to connect!

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