Podcast: Being a Life Sciences Leader 

“Being a Life Sciences Leader”

With a bird’s-eye-view of the life sciences industry, Life Sciences Pennsylvania President & CEO, Chris Molineaux, joins Rachael Bushey, Life Sciences Partner & Co-managing partner of the Philadelphia office, Goodwin Procter to welcome life sciences leaders to give insights into the complex and high-risk world of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics and the services that support them. Here we learn what it means to be a life sciences leader.

Meet Your Hosts

Meet the hosts of Being a Life Sciences Leader and hear about their experience in the life sciences industry. From fascinations with biology and policy to rising in the ranks at a major law firm, Chris and Rachael utilize their experience in the Commonwealth’s life sciences ecosystem to welcome high level guests to the podcast.

Christopher Molineaux

Christopher Molineaux

President & CEO at Life Sciences PA

Rachael Bushey

Rachael Bushey

Life Sciences Partner & Co-Managing Partner, Philadelphia Office at Goodwin Procter

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Meet Our Guests

Being a Life Sciences Leader Podcast | Season 5 Episode 10

Guest Name: John Crowley

In this episode, John Crowley, recipient of the 2024 Hubert J.P. Schoemaker Leadership Award, discusses how his children's diagnosis of a rare disease altered his career path to becoming a leader in the life sciences. Learn more about John's motivation to improve the lives of patients through his new role as President & CEO at BIO.

Being a Life Sciences Leader Podcast | Season 5 Episode 9

Guest Name: Jeffrey Dayno, MD

In this episode, Jeff Dayno, MD, recipient of the 2023 Frank Baldino Bioscience CEO of the Year Award, discusses his role as the CEO of Harmony Biosciences. Learn more about the leadership traits Jeff utilizes to combat external challenges, develop treatments for rare diseases and drive growth.

Being a Life Sciences Leader Podcast | Season 5 Episode 8

Guest Name: Bradley Campbell

In this episode, Bradley Campbell, President and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics, discusses the approval of Pombiliti + Opfolda for the treatment of eligible adults living with late-onset Pompe disease. Learn more about the future of Amicus Therapeutics and their mission of fighting rare and devastating diseases.

Being a Life Sciences Leader Podcast | Season 5 Episode 7

Guest Name: Jon Congleton

A new episode of Being a Life Sciences Leader, honoring the 2023 Deal of the Year recipient, is now available to stream. In this episode, Jon Congleton, President and CEO of Mineralys Therapeutics, discusses the success of raising $192 million during Mineralys' IPO. Learn more about the growth of the company, how they found success in difficult markets, and the future of addressing unmet needs for patients.

Being a Life Sciences Leader Podcast | Season 5 Episode 6

Guest Name: Suma & Krish Krishnan

In this episode, Krish Krishnan, Chairman & CEO, and Suma Krishnan, President of Research & Development, discuss Krystal Biotech's VYJUVEK - the first ever FDA approved redosable gene therapy. Learn more about the future of Krystal Biotech and the mission of developing and delivering genetic medicines to patients.

Being a Life Sciences Leader Podcast | Season 5 Episode 5

Guest Name: Chrissy Houlahan

In this episode, United States Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan, recipient of the 2023 Federal Official of the Year Award, discusses her role as the first woman ever to represent Pennsylvania's 6th District in Congress. Learn more about Congresswoman Houlahan and how she co-sponsored legislation important to the life sciences, including the American Innovation and R&D Competitiveness Act and the Ensuring Patient Access to Breakthrough Products Act.

Being a Life Sciences Leader Podcast | Season 5 Episode 4

Guest Name: Lisa Witte

In this episode, Lisa Witte, organization sponsor of the 2024 Scientific Achievement Award, discusses the characteristics Jerry McGinnis displayed that propelled his successful career. Learn about the progress of scientific achievements throughout Pennsylvania and the impact Jerry's work has made on the medical device community.

Being a Life Sciences Leader Podcast | Season 5 Episode 3

Guest Name: David Anderson

David Anderson, recipient of the 2024 John Nash MedTech Leadership Award, discusses his successful career in the medical device field. Learn more about David's exceptional achievements founding multiple companies and advancing innovation.

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Life Sciences Pennsylvania was founded in 1989 by a biotech scientist at Penn State University.  Today it has grown to represent the entire life sciences industry – medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, investment organizations, research institutions, and myriad service industries that support the life sciences in Pennsylvania.

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