Being a Life Sciences Leader Podcast

“Being a Life Sciences Leader” Podcast

Newest Episode: Chris Burns, PhD, Venatorx Pharmaceuticals

With a bird’s-eye-view of the life sciences industry, Life Sciences Pennsylvania President & CEO, Chris Molineaux, joins Rachael Bushey, Life Sciences Partner & Co-managing partner of the Philadelphia office, Goodwin Procter to welcome life sciences leaders to give insights into the complex and high-risk world of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics and the services that support them. Here we learn what it means to be a life sciences leader.

Meet Your Hosts

Chris Molineaux

President & CEO

Rachael Bushey

Life Sciences Partner & Co-managing partner, Philadelphia office, Goodwin Procter

Meet the hosts of Being a Life Sciences Leader and hear about their experience in the life sciences industry. Chris and Rachael will discuss their current roles and their journeys in the industry. From fascinations with biology and policy to rising in the ranks at a major law firm, learn the backgrounds behind two connected individuals in the Commonwealth’s life sciences ecosystem. Tune in to hear the stories behind your hosts!

Podcast Guests

Season 3

Jeffrey Dayno, MD

President & CEO

Jeffrey Dayno, MD, President & CEO of Harmony Biosciences, discusses the jump from academia to industry, including how to know the right time to make that decision in your career. Dr. Dayno shares his passion for making a broad impact and and how he took his insights from clinical medicine and applied them as he advanced his career, so that his teams could understand the art and the science of therapeutic decision making.

Lake Paul, PhD

Founder & President

Lake Paul, PhD, Founder and President of BioAnalysis, shares his experience with empowering employees to continue learning. With a strong reputation for giving back, Lake gives his thoughts on the importance of companies taking real action to improve the community at-large.

Maureen Mulvihill, PhD

President & CEO

Hear the ins and outs of starting a small business from Actuated Medical President & CEO Maureen Mulvihill. Maureen shares her expertise at optimizing capital and how utilizing government grants can propel your business forward. Learn how continuing education is important for servant-leaders who strive to make their employees feel secure.

Phil Johnson, MD


Experienced life sciences industry and academia leader Dr. Phil Johnson, CEO of Interius Biotherapeutics, discusses the importance of finding out what your people need to succeed and being an advocate for them. Find out how Phil advanced through his career, aided occasionally by a little bit of luck and by identifying and seizing opportunities.

Joe Truitt


Joe Truitt, CEO of iECURE, gives advice about how to build a culture as a CEO and how focusing on internal company needs leads to external success. As a non-scientist, Joe discusses how to evaluate opportunities in biotech without a scientific background and the importance of being aggressive while making future plans in biotech.

John Furey


John Furey, CEO at Imvax, discusses the important qualities of leaders, including maintaining flexibility and curiosity while transitioning from technical prowess to leadership prowess. John also explains how hope and clarity are foundational traits for leaders to provide to their staff in order to build a successful team.

Tom Anderson

CEO & Director

Tom Anderson, CEO and Director of SwanBio Therapeutics, explains how a mentor influenced a change early on in his career. Through his experience at both large pharma and start-ups, Tom discusses the importance of having a credo in business and how to manage a board in a way that benefits your company.

Brian Halak

Managing Partner

As an experienced biotech investor, Brian Halak, Managing Partner at Medical Excellence Capital, shares his perspective as a CEO/investor and what investors look for in a CEO. In this episode, learn about characteristics to look for in Board members and the importance of using communication skills to build a consensus on your team.

Doug Manion

President & CEO

Doug Manion became the new President & CEO of Aclaris Therapeutics January 1, 2023. In this episode, learn how taking the time to talk with each employee when you’re the new leader of an organization can help ease a change of leadership. Doug discusses his career and the importance of passing on your leadership knowledge to proteges.

Season 3 Introduction

From fascinations with biology and policy to rising in the ranks at a major law firm, learn the backgrounds behind two connected individuals in the Commonwealth’s life sciences ecosystem.

Season 2

Julie McHugh

Topics of this episode include the importance of owning your work and empowering your team to take on new challenges through honesty.

Tara Muzsi

Vice President, Immunology Sales and Marketing, Gastroenterology

Topics of this episode include tips on building a diverse team, the importance of culture , driving an innovation mindset, and work-life integration with a successful career.

Liam Kelly

Chairman, President & CEO

Topics of this episode include the importance of patient outcomes, and how the key to leadership in the industry is steadiness. Stream the episode now to learn how hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, and focus can lead to great success for you and your team.

Peter Miller

CEO, Board of Directors

Topics of this episode include board management, motivating a team, and how many leaders often confuse effort with success.

John Witkowski


In this episode of Being a Life Sciences Leader, President of DSM Biomedical, John Witkowski, discusses how he leads with humor and values continuous learning.

Bruce Shook

 Serial MedTech Entrepreneur

Topics of this episode include learning the importance of steadiness in leadership, how to put the patient first, and how to establish clear goal setting that leads to success.

Ron Philip


Topics of this episode include cultivating a positive company culture, tips for emerging leaders, and Spark’s newest expansion project in Philadelphia.

Season 1

Sue Dillon, PhD

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Topics of this episode include transitioning from pharma executive to founder of a start-up, building a network, and leadership in the life sciences.

Full episode available below:

Steve Tullman

Executive Chairman

Topics of this episode include mergers and acquisitions, founding a life sciences organization, and investor relations.

Full episode available below:

John Jacobs

President & CEO 

Topics of this episode include rising in the ranks to become a life sciences executive, taking a leap to become a start-up CEO, and anecdotes regarding building a team and growing your leadership skills.

Full episode available now:

Gerri Henwood

President & CEO 

Topics of this episode include FDA approvals, taking an organization public, empowering employees, and investor relations.

Full episode available now!

Julian Ritchey

U.S. Head, Vaccine Public Affairs and Advocacy

Topics of this episode include vaccine confidence, working with patient groups, and tips for public policy and advocacy for beginners.

Full episode available below:

Ren Capocasale

Vice Chair & Founder

Topics of this episode include pivoting during a pandemic, using challenge to fuel motivation, and tips on partnering for M&A

Bryant Lim

S.V.P, General Counsel, & Secretary

Topics of this episode include learning to mitigate risk while encourage innovation, avoiding the title “Dr. No,” and lessons learned from years in the industry.

Dr. Neal Walker

Founder, President & CEO

Topics of this episode include investor relations, lessons from a successful start-up entrepreneur, and having contingencies in place if a business needs to pivot.

Valerie Asbury

President & CEO

Topics of this episode include leadership tips, spinning out an organization, and pivoting a business plan.

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